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Compest Solutions is an award winning Software testing company based out of USA which was started in 2005. We provide solutions for industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing & many more. Our solutions include performance engineering, consultation services, quality assurance & security services. Our technology expertise, continued delivery excellence, and wonderful team has helped us become one of the most promising software test companies last year. We understand our customer’s complex problems and we try to help them using the correct set of tools and our own expertise.

Our Approach


Our mission is to help businesses adopt the latest technologies using our solutions. We seek to become a leader in the field of IT solutions globally by offering quality services to our clients. We are confident of our past clients and will make every attempt to make sure that each of our solutions is immensely superior and largely unbeaten.

Why Choose us?

Over the past 13+ years , we have worked with over 100+ companies both from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We’re the leaders when it comes to Performance Engineering. We’ve been awarded and featured multiple times on magazines like CIO.


We have been able to help over 50+ companies across 10 industries in building better software through our services in the last 10 years. In 2018 we were selected as the Top 10 “most promising Software Testing companies”.


Our solutions help you in driving great business results

Technology is important for any business but at the same time it is quite complex and ever-changing, making it very difficult to manage. We take care of your technology so you can concentrate in managing your business.

Leverage technology to enable business strategies

Reduce risk associated with internal change and external threats

Provide an efficient and effective IT function

Our Guiding Values


We will honor the golden rule of treating each other as we want to be treated, as it’s foundational to our company’s relationships within and between all our stakeholders.


We will inspire and lead each other to greatness and overcome any obstacles that may stand in our way, regardless of role. Our leaders are part of the team, not separate and above.


We promise to work and operate with transparency. We understand the importance of accountability.


We are highly dedicated to our mission on delivering things which impacts real people through our solutions.


We keep the courage of delivering what has been promised by doing everything possible.


We value accountability a lot and stick always to our plan and deliver.


We have got a great team members who can help us in execution and throw some helpful tips/ideas. We love helping each other if they are stuck with something.


In such a complex world, it’s important to be flexible and agile to succeed and accomplish goals.

Awards & Recognition

Top 10 CIO

Compest Solution, USA

Top 10 CIO, Compest Solutions

CIO Magazine

Compest Solutions, USA

CIO Magazine, Compest Solutions USA