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Compest Solutions provides Remote monitoring of computer networks for health and availability of the systems. This ensures that we are always in the control of the situation.

Network Operations & Management

The complexity of the network operations management is steadily increasing due to the reliance on newer applications and services. Companies tend to forget that the the physical layer management is where the true backbone of the IT network lies. According to a report, bulk of network failures are due to the connectivity issues in the physical layer and not because of the equipment failures.

Extensive Knowledge

Our team understands your business process to help identify potential risks. Code level security risks are best tackled by knowing the code, automatic code scan & 3rd party calls.

Powerful Dashboard

We provide you with a integrated security dashboard so that you can always monitor for possible threats.

Strategic Sourcing

When advancements in technology require new products and services, we use our strategic sourcing process to ensure you get the most value from your investment.

Program Management

We manage mission critical initiatives and programs to make sure they successfully meet your goals, budgets and timelines.

Compest Solutions Security Management Services include:

Integrated Security Dashboard

Fixing Vulnerable Assets

Open Ports

Realize Missing Patches

Allocate Service Pack details

Automatically Patch Servers