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Industries we serve

Compest Solutions provides a plethora of testing solutions into numerous industries. We comprehend that while there are commonalities in the testing specifications, each industry has its own novel needs. Therefore, we deliver a comprehensive combination tailored according to the distinct industry needs.



The HealthCare industry is one of the fastest growing industries around the world. We help healthcare companies with their testing & IT efforts.

In the past 4 years, we have helped many health care companies in testing and securing their software. Our team has over a decade experience in the IT field & is the best fit for software success goals. Healthcare companies are very particular about quality which we help them to achieve through our quality services.

We are very particular about the quality of your services which is very important when it comes to the Healthcare industry.



If you go back 10 years, Education has been broadly the same. But technology is changing that. It has reached to another new level & it’s there’s a big future in the coming days.

We have worked with dozens of schools, colleges & universities in consulting & testing their software. Our team will help you in disrupting the segment.

We work closely with the client to gain an in-depth understanding of their problem and how it can be possibly solved. All our clients really loved the way we approach a problem.


Government & Non-Profit Organisation

There are lot of big challenges that Government faces today, be it managing a large database of users, online support to crores of people or in managing financial records. We at Compest Solutions have been helping to solve these challenges by Technology and the experience we have gained in the past 13+ years.

We have been helping government organisation worldwide in solving these big problems through the experience we have in this field. This includes performance engineering, security services, consultation services and much more.

All the solutions made at Compest Solutions are made by keeping the large public in mind so that it drives huge value for the citizens and the stakeholders.



The transportation industry is facing a lot of problems like vehicle tracking, accident prevention, insurance & much more. We help such companies in curbing these problems by guiding them in the right direction.

We are trying our best to use our services to solve these big transportation problems. Some services like consultation, security services, QA services have really helped such companies in growth and in cutting down their costs

We have been very successful in helping a lot of companies who are into mobility and logistics. Our diverse knowledge is really beneficial in delivering the right work.


Finance & Insurance

Most insurance companies are now using cutting edge technology to streamline operations. We have been lucky to have to helped many such companies.

In the past we have helped a lot of companies in the Finance and Insurance niche by our Cyber Security and consultation services. We have also helped companies to strengthen their customer relationship, one of the key to do more business through our solutions.

When building solutions for the Insurance and the Finance industry we take special care in keeping security and scalability in mind.


Pharmaceutical Industry

While the pharmaceutical industry continues to thrive, companies are facing problems in finding ways to cut down their increasing costs. Our solutions can greatly help companies in solving this similar other problems.

Our consultation and security services have really benefited companies in building award winning wearable biometric devices and telemedicines. We’ve also helped companies in protection of their consumers which is crucial as the direct consumer may become the pharmaceutical company’s most strategic partner.

Compest Solutions has many years of experience in providing solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry. When testing we apply both manual and automated testing.



There are a lot of ways Manufacturers can leverage technology in solving complex problems as to grow with little disruption. Our solutions like performance engineering, Quality assurance services have been greatly used by manufacturers to stay on track.

We have used our solutions to solve complex manufacturing problems such as Project management & System usability. Our expertise have also helped in securing many IOT systems created by manufacturing firms.

Compest Solutions is an expert in providing solutions to the Manufacturing industry. We make sure to align with your project needs.


Business to Business

We offer IT Solutions to small and medium sized businesses all across the world. Almost any business can benefit from our services.

We have been in this field from almost 13+ years. Also, we have been quite successful in making a strong relationship with the businesses we have worked with & will continue to do so.

We don’t differentiate between small and big companies. Most of our solutions are also tailored towards the requirement of the company.